Health & Fitness

RogueFIT Club — I’ve helped build the website for this new personal training gym from the ground up. This meant working with stakeholders to determine the tone and target of our efforts, then creating all pertinent copy.

XTERRA Fitness — When their old site wasn’t cutting it, XTERRA Fitness hired BitCadet to give it a makeover. BitCadet contracted me to develop a new brand voice, then create the appropriate web content, newsletters, blog and social media posts, press releases, taglines, and a wide range of other materials. The new page blew away the competition, propelling XTERRA from the margins of the industry to second in sales and consumer report rankings within just a few months.

Food and Chi! — I created an array of sales copy for this lifestyle and health coaching business, including website content and print brochures.

Travel & Adventure — I developed all of the content for this personalized airfare site, and provide updates on an ongoing basis.

Alternative Escapes — I was contracted to provide extensive research into this alternative eco-tourism startup’s Amazonian trip, then create trip overviews, highlights, itineraries, and a variety of other content.

Caylin Travel I created a variety of content for this boutique travel agency.

Direct Mail & Marketing

Lumpy Sales Letter for Web Marketing Strategist — This sales letter was sent out with a Rubik’s Cube, and the response was phenomenal. Since then, this web strategist has become one of my most consistent clients. Quality+Effectiveness=Client Retention.

SEM Agency Sales Letter — Yet another somewhat offbeat method at grabbing the reader’s attention.

Law Firm Sales Page — This sales page was posted to various legal forums for small business owners.

Art & Entertainment

R. Kassman Pianos — R. Kassman is one of the leading fine piano sellers in the country, and I provided all of the content for their new website. This involved researching a wide range of luxury instruments, then crafting content that was appropriately voiced for products of such prestige.

Katz Perceptivism Art and Gallery — This project involved working closely with artist Isaac Katz to determine the tone and voice of a marketing campaign for his Perceptivist art pieces and gallery, then creating descriptions of each piece along with a variety of other web content.

VH1: Master of the Mix Season 3 — The marketing team at this popular television show contacted me directly after reading a number of the articles I produced as a music journalist. I developed a wide range of content for their various web portals, such as video scripts and descriptions, bios, and more. 

Retail: Automotive, Luxury Jewelry & More

Reeves Import MotorcarsSun Toyota, ToyotaTown, Lexus of London and More — While working in conjunction with the boutique firm Lincoln Digital Group, I develop a comprehensive range of marketing copy for some of the largest auto dealerships in North America. Our efforts have increased sales across all accounts, most notably for Reeves, which is now achieving its highest sales in the 45+ year history of the company.

Provident Jewelry, H&H Jewels — I’ve created a comprehensive range of marketing copy for two of the most prominent luxury watch and jewelry retailers in Florida.

Food, Drink & Smoke

Captain Black Cigars — When Shared Vision Media was contracted to create a comprehensive ad campaign for Captain Black Cigars, they hired me to voice the brand then create all of the web content, including product descriptions, taglines, about  us and company history copy, and a number of additional materials.

Cubero Cigars — Following the success of the Captain Black campaign, the product line’s parent company asked Shared Vision to rebrand its higher-end line of Cubero Cigars. Once again I was hired to create the brand voice and web content. Due to the campaign’s success, I have been contracted to provide blog updates and other materials on a continual basis.

Viña Maria — Rudolph Prehn Beer, Wine, and Spirits has contracted me to voice then create a variety of content for a wide range of their products, including the Spanish wine Viña Maria, the soon-to-be-released Gold Star Vodka, and many more.

Break into Bartending — Not only did I ghostwrite this entire eBook based upon my first hand experience, I also produced all of the articles used to market it along with a variety of additional promotional materials.

Home & Lifestyle Services

Electric Express — I was contracted by the Sydney-based marketing firm You and Co. to help determine the voice for this family-owned electrician service, then create all of the its web content. This project played a big role in pushing me to discover one of my true passions–helping small businesses find the voice they need to reach out to their community.

VersaTube  I was contracted to create an array of content updates for VersaTube, one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of pre-fabricated steel buildings. The SEO website content, blog posts, social media posts, and informational guides I’ve created have proven to be wildly successful, and have grown the company’s reach exponentially.

African Ancestry — This DNA tracing organization contracted me to lend a more powerful voice to their web and print content. I ended up creating the content for a wide-variety of materials, such as brochures, mailers, email newsletters, web copy, and more.

Scanhive — When this digital media transfer service decided to rebrand, I was hired to develop a wide range of marketing content.

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