Marijuana Venture Magazine – 6 Tips for Branding Cannabis Products

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Read it online at the magazine’s website, or below.



Can an Interactive Touchscreen Teach Men How to Pleasure Women Once and For All?

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“From online dating to robots, technology has completely changed the way people date and have sex. But while these advances offer new means for meeting and hooking up, technique has largely been left to books, blogs, and word-of-mouth. A new app has set out to change that; offering hands-on-screen training in the art of getting women off.

Developed with the intention of drawing back the proverbial hood that has kept women’s sexual pleasure shrouded in mystery and taboo, OMGYes offers a series of videos and interactive touchscreen lessons to teach people the myriad of methods for touching and teasing women to the Ooo-la-la, the Big Oomph, the Contenting Conclusion. But can a touch screen really teach men how to pleasure women once and for all?

I signed up on the site to find out.”

Read about it at Thrillist.

Sustainable Industries Magazine’s Green Office Guide

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I was responsible for writing almost the entirety of this lengthy guide to sustainable office practices, which was printed and sent to businesses all over the country. You can view it in PDF form here.

Recipe for the Perfect Pot Roast: As Manly a Meal as it Gets

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“When it comes to cooking, there are several meals that are particularly manly. Barbecue, sandwiches, and burgers come to mind. But when all is said and done, the pot roast is as manly a meal as there is.

Why? Think about it – it’s a giant hunk of beef thrown in with a bunch of potatoes and carrots. It’s simple yet delicious, and it involves gravy. Enough said.

There are a lot of widely-varying recipes for pot roast out there. Some aim to deliver a roast that is rare, others that use a lot of fancy herbs and spices.

But when it comes to creating the perfect, no-knife-necessary pot roast, I have the ideal recipe.”

Read the rest at the Cubero Cigars blog.

The Joy of Drinking a Cold Beer

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“It’s the perfect accompaniment to virtually every activity there is. Whether you’re at a ball game, out with the family for a picnic, having the guys over for a barbecue, fishing from a boat, out on the town, or simply sitting home watching a movie, a cold beer is a thing of beauty. Scientists in Spain have even gone as far as suggesting that beer can help the human body rehydrate after a workout better than water. Seriously, they’ve done studies.

Why is a cold beer such a great thing? Alcoholic content is only a small part of the equation. If it was all about the alcohol, they’d serve Everclear at baseball games.”

Read the rest at the Cubero Cigars blog.

How to Cure a Hangover

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“The alarm has been going off for ten minutes when you finally reach over and slap it off. You try to lift your head, but it feels like it weighs 200 pounds. It’s also filled with broken glass that jangles around every time you move. Your throat is dry. Your eyes can barely stand sunlight.

It’s happened again – the dreaded hangover.

It would be one thing if you didn’t have to be at work in an hour. Then you could just kick back, enjoy a Bloody Mary, and watch Captain Ron or some similarly mindless flick. But that’s not an option. Not today. You have to pull it together…”

Read the rest at the Cubero Cigars blog.

Five Things You Can Do to Be More Attractive

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“When it comes to being “attractive”, I don’t think that many men understand the definition of the word in itself. All-too-often, “attractive” and “handsome” get mixed up. To be “handsome”, one needs only to be appealing in appearance. To be “attractive”, on the other hand, one must be appealing on a variety of levels. There are many beautiful people out there who are also downright repellent, and that is the opposite of attractive.

There are an endless number of things you can do to be more attractive. Yes, some do involve appearance, but for the most part, attraction involves charming others through far more than just your exterior.”

Read the rest at the Cubero Cigars blog.

Four Misconceptions About What it Means to be a Man

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“We need to solve this, because I see too many men who have the potential to be great, but they spend all of their time behaving foolishly in their endeavor to adhere to the myth. Something more men need to remember is that greatness doesn’t come from fitting into the mold, but from breaking out of it.”

Read the rest at the Cubero Cigar blog.

Hemingway’s Recipe for a Great Burger

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“When a hamburger is good and true it offers all of the muscle and brawn of the animal from which it came along with the flavor and daring lent to it by circumstance. It is a thing of great beauty and great sadness, a hamburger. Beautiful in the sense that you as a man have forged it then eaten it with your own two hands, the sadness setting in only after the eating, once all that remains are your memories of what it looked like just moments before it was devoured and was no more.”

Read the whole thing at Cubero’s blog.

The Joy of Drinking Whiskey

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“Whiskey means something different to everyone. To some, it is a revitalizer and summoner of forgotten strength and courage. For others it brings about a raging and destructive madness. And to others still, it means relaxation and tranquility, something akin to a liquid massage.”

Read the whole thing at Cubero’s blog.