Business and Cannabis

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Advertising Age

Six Strategies for Growing Your Cannabis Brand


The Ethical Imperatives in Cannabis Advertising: How the Right Branding Can Change the World

Marijuana Venture Magazine

Six Tips for Branding Cannabis


How Cannabis Investors Can Use Negative News to Their Advantage

My Ongoing Interview Series With Cannabis Industry Leaders


Political Writing

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Most of my political thoughts and rants are housed at Medium.

How to Make a Puppy into Mittens, by Steve Bannon

The Frightening Line in Trump’s Muslim Ban Order that No One Is Talking About

Trump Looking at Extending Ban in Span and Duration aka Here Comes the Clamp Down

Marijuana Venture Magazine – 6 Tips for Branding Cannabis Products

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Read it online at the magazine’s website, or below.



Music Writing

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Spanish Bombs: Granada Unveils Joe Strummer Plaza

Your Favorite Band: Tom Waits


SSG Music

Interview: Teri Gender Bender of Le Butcherettes

Concert Review: the Butthole Surfers

Concert Review: Mark Lanegan

Concert Review: Daniel Johnston

Concert Review: Le Butcherettes and the Flaming Lips

Interview: Guitar Player Jake Kolatis of the Casualties



Album Review: Sightings – Future Accidents

Album Review: WhoMadeWho – Knee Deep

Album Review: the Black Lips – Arab Mountain

Album Review: Liturgy – Aesthethica


Health and Fitness Writing

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Life Done Write

A Few Ways to Burn Fat and Gain Muscle Faster By Making Your Workout More Effective and Efficient

Pushin’ Rope: Why a Jump Rope is a Life Changing Piece of Exercise Equipment 

You’re Pushing Yourself Too Hard: Signs that You’re Overtraining or Overworking and What to Do About It

How Making Your Own Salad Dressing Will Improve Your Life (No Joke)

What Makes a Good New Year’s Resolution and How Do You Make It Stick?

A Brief Eulogy for Boxer, Poet, and Genuine Goddamn Human Being Muhammad Ali

Reigning in Control Over Your Body Part I: Diet and Exercise

Reigning in Control Over Your Body Part II: Brick by Brick

Reigning in Control Over Your Body Part III: Food is Fuel, Not Filler


5 Things You Need for an Affordable Home Gym

Packing for Travel Fitness

The Los Angeles Times

Gift Ideas for the Traveling Fitness Fanatic


The Better Workout: Treadmill vs. Elliptical

Get that Beach Body

When Working Out in the Heat…

Active Acadiana

On the Go Fitness: Fitting Health into Your Busy Lifestyle (Pg. 21)

Cubero Cigars Blog

About Strongman, Boxer, and Prisoner Michael Gordon Peterson aka “Charles Bronson”

Travel Writing

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Los Angeles Times

The Affordable Paradise of Puerto Escondido

Gift Ideas for Traveling Health Fanatics

The Oregonian

Granada: A Portlander living in the vibrant, quirky Spanish city finds much that is familiar

Global Living Magazine

The Satisfying Risk of Expatriating on the Cheap


Spanish Bombs: Granada Unveils Joe Strummer Plaza

Rhode Supply

Forget Cancun: 5 Reasons Puerto Escondido is a Better Mexican Destination

The 8 Things I Didn’t Know About Becoming an Expat

Taxi Talk

Paris is a Woman with an Umbrella

Pere Lachaise and Balzac’s Bust

The Different Houses of Picasso

Food at Last in Montparnasse 

The Man Who Could Walk Through Walls: In Paris, Nothing is Weird

A Parisian Garden of Delight

One Night in the Latin Quarter: To Drink and Pay Not

Storming the Bastille: Right in the Middle of the 2007 Parisian Election Riot

Oh, to Dine at Cloiserie de Lilas

Books, Beats, and Bibliophiles

Europe Up Close

Long Nights and Hot Days in Montmartre

The Tapas, Culture, and Relaxation of Granada, Spain

Alhambra: Spain’s Last Stronghold of the Moorish Kings – Best Travel Writing on the Web: National Geographic

New Orleans City Park: Heat, Art and Relaxation

Bellingham: the Hub of the Pacific Northwest’s Outdoor Wonderland

Downtown Portland: the Central Hub of the City’s Many Strange Spokes

Red Rocks Amphitheater: Lost in a Martian Landscape

Portland’s Waterfront Saturday Market: Elvis, Hendrix, and Beer in the Sun

Powell’s Bookstore: Cheap Dates and Old Books

Universal Studios – Orlando, Florida: Big Weather and a Man Eating Shark


5 Things to Pack to Stay Fit While Traveling

Let Set Go

How to Travel on the Cheap

10 Things Every Person Should Bring Camping

How to Pack Light and Efficiently for Entrepreneurs


Where Would I Be Without Words?

Romancing the Planet

Interview with Travel Writer Nick Hilden

Can an Interactive Touchscreen Teach Men How to Pleasure Women Once and For All?

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“From online dating to robots, technology has completely changed the way people date and have sex. But while these advances offer new means for meeting and hooking up, technique has largely been left to books, blogs, and word-of-mouth. A new app has set out to change that; offering hands-on-screen training in the art of getting women off.

Developed with the intention of drawing back the proverbial hood that has kept women’s sexual pleasure shrouded in mystery and taboo, OMGYes offers a series of videos and interactive touchscreen lessons to teach people the myriad of methods for touching and teasing women to the Ooo-la-la, the Big Oomph, the Contenting Conclusion. But can a touch screen really teach men how to pleasure women once and for all?

I signed up on the site to find out.”

Read about it at Thrillist.

Sustainable Industries Magazine’s Green Office Guide

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I was responsible for writing almost the entirety of this lengthy guide to sustainable office practices, which was printed and sent to businesses all over the country. You can view it in PDF form here.

Four Great War Books

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“I read books of every sort, but sometimes I’m in a specific mood that can only be satisfied by a good war story accompanied by a whiskey and a cigar. Summer seems to bring about my urge to read of war, and there’s almost nothing I like better than to kick back in the sun with a drink in hand and read tales of men fighting against the odds, because almost every great war story is just that: men who fight and often fail but sometimes triumph over adversity.

If you’re in the mood for an epically good war tale, here are a few suggestions…”

Read the rest at the Cubero Cigars blog.

Recipe for the Perfect Pot Roast: As Manly a Meal as it Gets

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“When it comes to cooking, there are several meals that are particularly manly. Barbecue, sandwiches, and burgers come to mind. But when all is said and done, the pot roast is as manly a meal as there is.

Why? Think about it – it’s a giant hunk of beef thrown in with a bunch of potatoes and carrots. It’s simple yet delicious, and it involves gravy. Enough said.

There are a lot of widely-varying recipes for pot roast out there. Some aim to deliver a roast that is rare, others that use a lot of fancy herbs and spices.

But when it comes to creating the perfect, no-knife-necessary pot roast, I have the ideal recipe.”

Read the rest at the Cubero Cigars blog.