CroppedI launched my career back in 2008 when I became the Writing Coordinator for a short-lived art and culture publication in Portland, and I mean “short-lived” – we put out a single issue before closing the shutters. Since then I’ve served as a Senior Editor for a number of publications, and my work has appeared in outlets such as the Los Angeles Times, the Oregonian, Vice, LiveStrong, Thrillist, Global Living Magazine, Marijuana Venture, Civilized.Life, Ad Age, Ganjapreneur, and a slew of others, and a number of my articles have been featured in National Geographic’s “Radar” of the best travel writing on the web.

Since 2009, I’ve also been working as a copywriter and brand strategist. Over the years I’ve provided remote support to more than a dozen agencies, and have written for hundreds of wide-ranging businesses including exciting brands such as VH1, Smirnoff, BMW, Porsche, McAfee, Cubero Cigars, XTERRA Fitness, Lexus of London, and too many more to list.

Before entering the world of professional writing, I gleaned experience from a variety of toils, working as a musician, school teacher, bartender, cook, venue promoter, street performer, and in a wide range of other disreputable capacities.

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