Traveling around the world, writing about the thrill of it all.

A boy dreamed of becoming a writer. Later when he grew up, that’s exactly what he did. Now he wanders the globe in search of (and finding) great stories. 

Nick Hilden’s career launched way back in 2008 when he began interning with a handful of small magazines, eventually landing a gig as a senior editor for a regional music publication. Since then he’s gone on to write for a slew of outlets, such as the Los Angeles Times, Men’s Health, the Oregonian, Vice, Advertising Age, Thrillist, Global Living Magazine, Living Life Fearless, LiveStrong,, Civilized.Life, Europe Up Close, BonJourParis, and many, many others.

He’s also worked as a copywriter and brand strategist providing remote support to more than a dozen agencies and writing for hundreds of wide-ranging companies, including exciting brands like VH1, Smirnoff, BMW, Porsche, Maserati, Volkswagen, Subaru, Land Rover, XTERRA FitnessCubero Cigars, Captain Black Cigars, and too many more to list.

After dabbling with extended travel for some years, Nick went full-blown digital nomad in 2017, and he has no plans for settling any time soon. Lately his writing has increasingly leaned into fiction as he has begun publishing a series of weekly travel fiction stories, and has become devoted to the completion of his first novel.

When he’s not at his keyboard, Nick pursues a range of hobbies and obsessions, such as his ever-expanding fitness regimen, writing and performing music, sampling exotic food and drink, taking photographs of varying quality, consuming pretentious literature and film, and pretending to be a wizened fisherman.

Take some time to browse his portfolio and blogs, and feel free to send him an email if you have questions about…anything.